Balboa/South Indian Trail Neighborhood Council

As a resident of the Balboa/South Indian Trail Neighborhood you have many opportunities to become involved in neighborhood events and decisions. Each neighborhood is represented by their Neighborhood Council, and each Neighborhood Council falls within one of three City Council Districts.

Balboa/South Indian Trail is represented by Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin and Councilman Steve Corker of City Council District #3. Any citizen may participate in their Neighborhood Council, and we encourage you to become an active participant in your neighborhood. As of the conclusion of the September 23, 2009 meeting, the Chair of the Balboa/S. Indian Trail Neighborhood Council is Denise Smart. Meeting dates for the balance of 2009 and the first half of 2010 are posted, so be sure to click the “Calendar” link to the left for each month’s meeting information. Click the calendar dates in bold for each meeting’s time and location information.

The purpose of the Balboa/S. Indian Trail Neighborhood Council is to article imageimprove and preserve the quality of life in the neighborhood through the following actions:

Review and recommend an action, a policy, or a plan to the City Council, the city and to any city agency, commission or board on any matter affecting the Balboa/S. Indian Trail neighborhood;

Assist city agencies in determining priority needs for the neighborhood; Review items for inclusion in the city budget and make recommendations relating to budget items for neighborhood improvements; Undertake to manage projects as may be agreed upon or contracted with public agencies; To source, secure, manage and disburse funds for projects, activities, or improvements which are outside of the Neighborhood Council Program but are for the benefit of the neighborhood.